Pinetree is embarking on a project called 'Between the Beats', the philosophy of which is to create a community of music lovers who celebrate and share their thoughts in new discoveries of non-mainstream music. We are interested in the lesser known, more interesting music names who, in our opinion, offer better quality and more original music - we aim to 'beat the mainstream'!

Right now our main project is, which is currently under construction. This website will be an energetic, stylish and informative home for lovers of non-mainstream, 'real music', focusing on all facets of jazz as well as other music styles like rock, pop and electronica. It will include radio shows, album and artist features and an international diary of live music events. There will also be a community area, where we discuss international music developments.

Before this webpage goes live, you can visit the teaser website which, through our Blog updates and regular Newsletter, will keep you posted on the latest developments of the construction of, our concepts, ideas and our music.