Markus Muffler
Markus Muffler, born 1963, worked for more than ten years as an investment banker in Frankfurt and London before moving to Freiburg in 2004 to start his own business in trading financial futures and options. Markus learned to play the flute and saxophone when he was young and for more than thirty years has been a passionate record collector and jazz enthusiast. For Markus, PINETREE is the realisation of a long dream. Markus is married and lives in Freiburg im Breisgau.

Dennis Wiesch
Dennis Wiesch, born 1978, has many years experience in organising concerts and club nights. He is responsible for the DJ bookings, marketing and PR for the legendary 'tageins' ( night in Freiburg and along with a partner is responsible for the clubnights 'Garage Traxx' and 'Plattenbau'. He also worked at the Freiburg 'Zelt Musik Festival' (ZMF) as an artist relationship manager.
Dennis is still regularly standing behind the turntables as 'DJ Agent Schwiech' ( and played at the 2008 'Love Parade' in Dortmund. He has also worked in record stores for many years. Dennis lives in Freiburg im Breisgau.